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Remembering those who have died

Posted Thu 27 Oct 2011

Over the next two weeks the country will once again prepare to remember the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice, during two world wars and also more recent conflicts.


Funeral Customs in Malta

Posted Tue 25 Oct 2011

Hello once again.


Registering a death

Posted Wed 05 Oct 2011

Where do I register a death?


Arranging a funeral - what do i do next?

Posted Tue 04 Oct 2011

When someone dies there are certain things that will have to be done, in order for the funeral to take place.


Arranging a funeral - How do I start?

Posted Sun 02 Oct 2011

Most of us will only have to arrange a funeral once or twice in our lifetime, but when it happens, we suddenly find ourselves in unfamiliar territory which can be an extremely daunting experience. Gone are the days of the dark and dreary funerals. Today, families are looking for new and innovative ways to carry out a funeral and more and more are choosing to celebrate their life.


You want scattering where?

Posted Sun 25 Sep 2011

What do you do with the cremated remains following a funeral? Many people struggle to come to that final decision and funeral homes find that they have cremated remains left in their private chapels, for many years after, purely and simply because the family can’ t decide what to do with them. It’s difficult there is no doubt about it, and we too are beginning to have some clients who are spending more time with us than we would wish.