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Break time

Posted Sat 16 Jun 2012

Our blog is having a rest for a couple of weeks, so will be back in July with lots of interesting and exciting things to tell you.


Funeral Flowers

Posted Fri 15 Jun 2012

Flowers are a simple and natural way to show your love for someone. They cheer up a gloomy room, and bring a smile to those receiving them, but why do we have them at funerals?


Diamond Jubilee

Posted Sat 02 Jun 2012

On Wednesday, 6 February 1952, Princess Elizabeth received the news of her father’s death and her own accession to the throne, while staying in a remote part of Kenya. Sadly her tour had to be abandoned, and the young Princess flew back to Britain as Queen. She was greeted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the airport, and her Coronation took place the following year in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.


Bereavement Dogs

Posted Tue 08 May 2012

How many times when we are a bit under the weather, or not feeling well, can the devotion of a much loved family pet, make us feel so much better. Bereavement is no exception and an animal who can give that extra comfort, has to be of benefit to bereaved families.


What can we do with the cremated remains?

Posted Sun 06 May 2012

This is a question that is asked of us as Funeral Directors many times. There are lots of options available to the family and I was interested and moved to read the following story in the Daily Telegraph this weekend.


Funeral Hymns

Posted Wed 02 May 2012

This week has seen an array of different funerals in our work place, from a church service, to a simple funeral held at the crematorium. Whilst all funerals are different the most common denominator in them all is music.