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Business Awards

Posted Fri 26 Oct 2012

We had a lovely evening at the Reporter Business Awards, last night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be our night, and sadly we didn’t come home with a prize. We did however get some very favourable commendations from the judges which were read out by host for the evening Claire Frisby.


Reporter Series Business Awards

Posted Thu 25 Oct 2012

This evening we are attending a glittering evening at The Gomersal Park Hotel, as one of the finalists in the Reporter Series Business Awards,small to medium business category.


New Website

Posted Thu 18 Oct 2012

Earlier in the year we took the decision that after three years we needed to update our website. Whilst we have been very happy with our modern and informative website, like mobile phones, which seem to be out of date within a month, our website was ready for some new ideas. Earlier in the year, we talked to our website designer to discuss our plans. I bet by now wishes he hadn’t entered our lions den. During the summer months they designed a new website for us. Over the last few weeks we have have, re-designed, re-written, juggled pages of text about and finally today been given the final layout and design of the new website.


Simple Funerals

Posted Mon 15 Oct 2012

“I wonder if you could tell me what your cheapest funeral option is. My mother has died and we just want a simple service”. The above sentence has two very important words – ”cheapest” and “simple”. As funeral directors hearing these words, we should be very careful not to immediately make an assumption, and we should also never prejudge a family. Just because the client has asked for the cheapest, and or a simple funeral option, this does not necessarily mean the family have no money.


Help with Funeral Costs

Posted Sun 14 Oct 2012

Tonight I want to follow on from the sad story in the Daily Mail about people not being able to afford funerals, and to assure families that we can help them in difficult times. We are pleased to be able to offer a “Simple” funeral at a price you may be able to afford at £1469.00. So what exactly does our simple funeral consist of?


No money to pay for a funeral

Posted Sat 13 Oct 2012

I was interested to read the following story in the Daily Mail today. Grieving families are leaving loved ones lying in hospital mortuaries for months because they cannot afford to bury them, it has been claimed. Relatives on benefits who have the responsibility of sorting out the funeral are finding the costs too high. So they are having to leave them in hospital mortuary refrigerators until they can work out how to pay for the service.