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Countdown to Christmas - Day 2

Posted Sun 02 Dec 2012

2nd December - I can't believe that we have actually been out and chosen our Christmas tree. This is a task that is usually left for the weekend before Christmas when all the trees at the garden centre have been picked over by everyone else, and we have to make do with what it left.


Countdown to Christmas

Posted Sat 01 Dec 2012

1st December. – So here we are, the first day in December, and we are now definitely on the countdown to Christmas. As I left the house at 7.00 am this morning it was cold, and crisp, but the sun has come out raising the temperature slightly. As tea time approaches the temperature has dropped dramatically and as we turn up the fire it could make you feel a bit Christmassy.


Funeral Photography

Posted Mon 26 Nov 2012

Have you ever considered having a photographer at a funeral? Most people would say no, as they would feel quite uncomfortable at the thought of someone taking pictures of them when they were at their most vulnerable.


Christmas is coming

Posted Sun 25 Nov 2012

Can you believe that already we are nearly at the end of November and in 700 hours, - one month today it will be Christmas Day? No neither can I.


Women Bishops

Posted Wed 21 Nov 2012

The Church of England’s vote last night to reject women bishops has thrust it into its biggest crisis for decades.


End of Life Care Conference 2012

Posted Sun 18 Nov 2012

Well here we are again, and it's Sunday!! Where has the week gone, in fact where are the weeks going to? This week has been extremely busy. Not only have we been busy looking after bereaved families, but on Wednesday I went to the End of Life Conference, held at the John Smith Stadium, in Huddersfield. The day didn't start very well, as the M62 was shut, and so a lot of the poor people attending ended up arriving late. Fortunately for me, it was the one day in my life, that I did not have to "Cone count", on the stationery M62!