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Countdown to Christmas - Day 14

Posted Fri 14 Dec 2012

Christmas Cards - What do you do with them in your house. By the time Christmas day arrives, we usually have in the region of a hundred cards. These do seem to be dwindling as the years go by. However, my biggest dilemma is always what to do with them


Countdown to Christmas - Day 13

Posted Thu 13 Dec 2012

Every year at 3.00 pm on Christmas day, many families settle down to watch the Queen give her Christmas message. This year the Queen will deliver her 2012 Christmas message to the nation in 3D for the first time. According to my source, she recorded her speech in the new format at Buckingham Palace last Friday.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 12

Posted Wed 12 Dec 2012

Well here we are half way through our countdown to Christmas. I thought that today I would give you some fun facts about Christmas. So here we are ............


Countdown to Christmas - Day 11

Posted Tue 11 Dec 2012

For many people who have been bereaved, Christmas is an exceptionally difficult time. It doesn't matter how old someone is, there is always an empty space, but how much more difficult must it be when the person who is no longer with us is a child. Christmas is for children, with their smiling faces, when they open their presents on Christmas Day. In 1997 a young boy named Ben was diagnosed with a Brain tumour, he wrote this poem which he gave to his mum before he died. - Tissues at the ready!


Countdown to Christmas - Day 10

Posted Mon 10 Dec 2012

I know we are in our countdown to christmas, but I read this today in the Daily Telegraph, and thought you might be interested. I didn't think this sort of thing really went on!!


Countdown to Christmas - Day 9

Posted Sun 09 Dec 2012

Earlier in the year we had been invited to the wedding of my husband's god-daughter. This was an exciting time for all the family, but particularly exciting for Charlotte and Andrew as they planned their wedding and married life together.