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Countdown to Christmas - Day 20

Posted Thu 20 Dec 2012

Christmas eve is drawing nearer and all little children will be getting so excited. I remember when my girls were little, when something exciting was happening, (Christmas or birthdays) I would tell them there how many more sleeps were left until the big day.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 19

Posted Wed 19 Dec 2012

What's your favourite Christmas Carol? There are many lovely ones to choose from. I remember when I used to write, and produce the Sunday school nativity play, many years ago, we loved all the traditional ones, but also many modern ones were also enjoyed by the children, from Mary's Boy Child, to Little Donkey and of course Away in a Manger.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 18

Posted Tue 18 Dec 2012

Why do people think as Funeral Directors, we should not be happy or celebrate Christmas, and cards that families have sent us should be put away and not on show. We understand that it is a very difficult time for families who have a relative that dies at this time of year, and we will always make sure that they are given the love and extra care that they may need at this difficult time.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 17

Posted Mon 17 Dec 2012

Candles – we either love them or hate them. I quite enjoy the scent of a Christmas Candle lit in my lounge on a cold winter’s night on the run up to Christmas, but other than that I wouldn't put them on my list of priorities.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 16

Posted Sun 16 Dec 2012

How ready for Christmas are you? We are only just over a week away, nine days to be exact, as I was reminded by my daughter today. I suspect most of the presents will be bought, and the food shopping planned. But is there a part of Christmas you don’t like. I love buying the presents, but I absolutely hate wrapping them. If I could employ a professional present wrapper, I would.


Countdown to Christmas - Day 15

Posted Sat 15 Dec 2012

Charity begins at home, yes I am a great believer in that, but sometimes charities do need a little of our help. As a lover of animal, most animals really, I donate money to the International Otter Survival Fund. Otters have been greatly reduced in numbers for many years, due to the pollution in the rivers, but gradually they are beginning to recover in numbers, and are being seen in areas they never where before.