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Social Media

Posted Wed 06 Feb 2013

How good are you at Facebook and or Twittering, and can you write a blog? At one time, and it’s not so very long ago, e-mail was a great milestone, and then suddenly onto the planet stormed Facebook.


Photographer Wins National Award

Posted Sun 03 Feb 2013

This stunning photograph of a lightening strike, taken by Danny Beath was revealed as the winner of a prestigious national award, sadly on the day of his funeral.


Soul Midwives

Posted Mon 28 Jan 2013

Have you ever heard of a Soul Midwife? I have to confess I hadn’t until fairly recently, but as death is an inevitability we all face, the experience of looking after someone who is dying varies hugely for many families


Farewell Magazine

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2013

Following the death of her father in August 2011, Sue White found that there was a lack of information and options with palliative care, funeral planning and memorial ideas.


Alternative Funerals

Posted Wed 09 Jan 2013

There is one thing certain in life, at some point we are all going to have a funeral, but have you thought about how your life will be commemorated? Traditional funerals in church or at the crematorium, with a hearse and a wooden coffin, are not always what the family, or more importantly what the person who has died may want. Funerals are changing and families are becoming more aware of alternative ideas that are available to them.


A New Year - A New Start

Posted Sat 05 Jan 2013

By the end of this weekend, most people will have gone back to work and Christmas and New Year will seem a long time ago. Today I have taken down the christmas tree, and all the cards and decorations. Isn't it funny how suddenly your home looks empty and bare? - although I have to say, it looks quite uncluttered.