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What's happened to spring?

Posted Fri 22 Mar 2013

Can you believe that yesterday, was the first day of Spring. This is a time of year that I really like, - the new beginnings and the hope that winter is now behind us. I love the sight of the little plants peeping through the soil, and to me spring has really arrived when all of a sudden the snowdrop has suddenly emerged from beneath the depth of the sometimes freezing ground.


What is a Funeral Director?

Posted Mon 11 Mar 2013

A Funeral Director is part:- Counsellor, priest, doctor, lawyer, social worker, policeman, financial consultant, master of ceremonies, actor...........


A funeral without a coffin

Posted Mon 04 Mar 2013

Memorial services are becoming more and more common in this country. Do we think this may be a sign of the times? A memorial service is held without the coffin present. It could be that there are no remains, due to a serious accident or perhaps a soldier killed in combat. The person who has died may have requested that their body be donated to medical science, or in some cases the thought of having a coffin in the church or crematorium is just far too distressing for the family.


The Pope's last day

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013

Pope Benedict ended his reign today at 8.00 p.m pledging unconditional obedience to whoever succeeds him to guide the Roman Catholic Church. He has made history in the fact that he is the first pope in six centuries to resign instead of ruling for life.


Your Journey

Posted Sun 24 Feb 2013

Sometimes we find that our journey in life doesn't always take us on the route we would like to go particularly following the death of a special person. Here is an Inspirational poem to help us on our way.


How could they get it so wrong?

Posted Tue 12 Feb 2013

Identification - One of the most important procedures in any funeral home.