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Royal baby

Posted Tue 23 Jul 2013

The Royal Baby has arrived - a son born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the new family and wish them all the very best for the future.


More Care, Less Pathway

Posted Mon 15 Jul 2013

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on the Liverpool Care Pathway. Today, the results of an independent review, led by Baroness Neuberger, has recommended that the Liverpool Care Pathway, which was developed to support patients at the end of their life, should be scrapped. The report highlights failings in the implementation of the pathway and recommends that it is replaced by individual care plans.


Indian Floods

Posted Tue 25 Jun 2013

The people of India are still struggling following the devastating monsoon floods which have swept away houses, buildings and even entire villages in the state. Every summer, hundreds of thousands of devout Hindus make a pilgrimage known as the Char Dham Yatra to four temple towns in Uttarakhand. The pilgrims usually return before the monsoon rains begin in July. But this year they have been caught out by unprecedented heavy rains and flash floods.


Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Posted Sat 15 Jun 2013

Have you ever wondered what it must be like living in a silent world. You can’t hear what is going on around you, the words being spoken by family and friends, the birds singing, the television, radio, or even a knock on the door. These are all things that we take for granted every day. Just imagine for a moment that you were deaf. How would you cope? I expect the answer to that is - with great difficulty.


RIP Lacey

Posted Sun 02 Jun 2013

Over the last four years I have travelled up and down the A58 from Chain bar roundabout to Birkenshaw and back again. Half way down the road lived a donkey who was regularly wandering in the field, and I often wondered how lonely it felt living there on its own. On many occasions you would see young children with their parents feeding it carrots.


Funerals in the UAE

Posted Tue 21 May 2013

Over the last week I have been sunning myself in the United Arab Emirates, in temperatures over 40 degrees by day, and no less than 35 degrees at night. A wonderful place to chill out and recharge the batteries, but we were glad they knew how to keep the air conditioning going! Sadly, I didn’t get my act together before I went on holiday and so investigating the way of death in the country I was going to, didn’t really get on to my agenda, but as usual I was able to find out some quite interesting facts……..