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Real Heroes

Posted Fri 08 Nov 2013

As we approach Remembrance Sunday, here are two little stories about two people who over the years, have raised many thousands of pounds for the Royal British Legion.


Smile - it makes everything better

Posted Wed 23 Oct 2013

Well I've returned from my holiday in Cyprus where it was lovely and warm to the wind and rain of Northern England. You will be pleased to know that we only stumbled on one cemetery, and that was quite by chance in the centre of Ayia Napa. It intrigues me that someone would put a cemetery quite so close to Tommy's bar, but I guess in reality it was the other way around.


Autumn has arrived

Posted Sun 06 Oct 2013

Autumn has arrived!! Whilst we have had a lovely weekend, I have noticed that the mornings are so much darker, (my early morning walks have gone by the wayside) and the nights are beginning to draw in. As we step out of the door in the morning, the chilly weather and the leaves circling in the wind, show that it is that time of year when we are on track, hurtling towards winter.


3D Digital Scanning Equipment for Bradford

Posted Sat 05 Oct 2013

The news that someone has died is devastating enough for a family, but to be confronted with the fact that they will also have to go through a post mortem to establish the cause of the death, gives families even more distress and worry. Early next year a new state-of –the-art autopsy facility will open in Bradford which will give families a choice as to how a death is investigated. It is hoped that 70% of post mortems carried out will be a non-invasive procedure, although the procedure will not completely replace the need for Post Mortems as they are currently carried out.


New Premises at Wibsey

Posted Thu 03 Oct 2013

The last few weeks have been a busy time as we have been preparing for the opening of our new premises in the Wibsey area of Bradford.


Re-using old graves

Posted Sat 28 Sep 2013

How would you feel if you came to bury a member of your family to be told there is no space left? A quarter of the cemeteries in England will be full within the next ten years, and nearly half of them will run out of space within 20 years. In some areas the problem is so severe that local councils are having to dig up pathways and car parks to find space.