Arranging a Funeral

How much does a Funeral Cost?

We understand that most people will only arrange a funeral once, perhaps twice in their lifetime. When this time comes, families are often overwhelmed, by the extent as to how much a funeral will cost. We believe that Funeral Directors should be transparent and honest about the prices they charge for funerals. With this in mind we have taken the decision to put our prices on our website, to help you make an informed decision as to what kind of funeral you would really like to have.

Funeral Costs

The cost of a funeral is divided into two separate parts:-

1.  The Funeral Directors Professional Fees

2.  Disbursements

Funeral Directors Professional fees

These are the charges under the control of the Funeral Director.  These include all our fees for providing the services necessary to care for the family and the person who has died, making the arrangements for the funeral and ensuring the funeral is carried out to your satisfaction on the day.


Disbursements are fees that we will pay out to a third party on your behalf.  

Examples of these include, death notices in the newspaper, cremation fees, ministers fees, doctors’ fees, flowers, catering, church fees, purchase of a grave.

You may wish to purchase any of the above, which we will pay for initially, and these will then be included in the final funeral account.

You will appreciate that disbursements can differ from the estimate as they are not under the direct control of the funeral director but every effort is made to give as near accurate an estimate as possible.

In accordance with our company policy and the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, we will provide you with a written estimate at the time of making the funeral arrangements so that you are fully aware of the costs involved.

Our Bronze funeral is available to anyone who wishes to have a "no frills" option. Also suitable for those who are seeking assistance from the Department of Work and Pensions, families can rest assured that the funeral will be carried out in a caring and sensitive manner, regardless of cost or circumstance.

Bronze Funeral Service


Includes all necessary disbursements

Our Bronze funeral includes the following:

Our professional services in making all the funeral arrangements at one of our offices in normal working hours*

Transfer of the deceased to our private chapel of rest (within 20 miles)

Simple care and attention of the deceased until the day of the funeral

Provision of a motor hearse and bearers direct to the crematorium

Attendance of the funeral director and staff on the day of the funeral

Provision of a coffin handles and nameplate suitable for cremation to the value of £150.00

Cremated remains can be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium or collected by the client from our Chapel of Rest.

Notice on our website informing family and friends of the funeral details


Necessary Disbursements include:

Cremation fee

Doctors fees**

Minister/Celebrant fee upto a fee of £180.00

Any other disbursements chosen will be at an additional cost.


This choice of funeral does not include any embalming or the facility for you to visit to pay your last respects.

This option enables you to have a cremation funeral at any of the following Crematoriums

  • Scholemoor Crematorium, Necropolis Road, Bradford. BD7 2PS
  • Huddersfield Crematorium, Fixby Road, Huddersfield. HD2 2JF
  • Dewsbury Moor Crematorium, Heckmondwike Road, Dewsbury WF13 3PL
  • Nab Wood Crematorium, Bingley Road, Shipley, BD18 4BG
  • Oakworth Crematorium, Wide Lane, Oakworth, Keighley, BD22 0RJ

  • Park Wood Crematorium, Park Road, Elland. HX5 9HZ
  • Lawnswood Crematorium,  Otley Road, Adel, Leeds, LS16 6AH
  • Cottingley Hall Crematorium ,Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0EU
  • Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds Road, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6JP
  • Wakefield Crematorium, Standbridge Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3JA
  • Pontefract Crematorium, Wakefield Road, Pontefract, WF8 4HA
  • Barnsley Crematorium, Doncaster Rd, Barnsley S71 5EH



*Normal working hours are 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.

**Doctor fees for the cremation forms are not required if the Coroner is involved, and a post mortem has taken place. In this case £164.00 is deducted from the final account.

We request that the Bronze funeral is paid for in full, prior to the funeral taking place, by Debit or Credit card, Bank Transfer or Cash.

Whilst ensuring our highest quality of service, our Silver funeral takes into consideration changing opinion regarding funerals, and provides our families and clients with a simple and dignified way to say goodbye.

Silver Funeral Service


Includes all necessary disbursements

Our Silver funeral includes everything in the Bronze funeral with the addition of:-


Use of our private chapel of rest for family and friends to pay their last respects in office hours 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Provision of a oak veneered coffin with gold coloured handles and nameplate suitable for cremation & burial, to the value of £150.00

Provision of one of our modern limousine's to seat seven people

Collection of the cremated remains from the crematorium,  placing them in a scatterpod , and holding them for up to 6 months at our chapel of rest awaiting collection by the family.

We will handle charity donations on your behalf, which includes use of our donation box, counting, banking and sending the donations to the relevant charity, along with a request that they acknowledge receipt of the donations and the amount collected to the family.

We can organise flowers, refreshments, newspaper notices, order of service sheets etc

 We request that the Silver funeral is paid in full before the day of the funeral, by Debit or Credit card, Bank Transfer or Cash.

Our Gold funeral, whilst including all the elements of a traditional service, also gives our families the opportunity to create a send-off that is truly befitting of the person who has died. Our combination of professionalism and dedication will ensure that even the most unusual requests are carried out with dignity and with style.

Gold Funeral Service


Includes all necessary disbursements

Our Gold funeral includes the following:

A service in church or for a small number of people in our service chapel prior to the burial or cremation

Our professional services in making all the funeral arrangements at our office or in the comfort of your own home

Transfer of the deceased to our private chapel of rest (within 20 miles)

Personal care and attention of the deceased until the day of the funeral

Transport to the Registrars if required

Use of our private chapel of rest to pay your respects from 9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. including weekends

Provision of a coffin with six gold coloured handles and name plate, to the value of £150.00 

Provision of a motor hearse, and bearers

Provision of one of our modern Limousines to seat 7 people each

Attendance of the funeral director & staff on the day of the funeral

Collection of the cremated remains from the crematorium and safe keeping for up to 6 months at our chapel of rest.

Taking care of charitable donations on your behalf

Notice on our website informing family and friends of the funeral details


Disbursements  - Charges paid out to a third party

Doctor’s fees for completion of cremation certificates

Minister/Celebrant fee

Cremation fee


Optional Disbursements services available at an extra charge

Death notices and acknowledgements in the newspaper

Extra Limousines to seat 7 people

Fees for a service in church

Floral tributes

Printed order of service

Purchase of a grave


All disbursements must be paid in full before the day of the funeral, by Debit or Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash.



Many people are not aware that there is no legal requirement to hold a funeral service, and that it is possible to arrange a simple cremation where no family or mourners attend.

As a company we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service, and feel that even the simplest funeral service should be provided in a dignified, and caring manner. You can rest assured that your relative will always be our highest priority.

Simply Cremation


Includes all necessary disbursements

What our Simple Cremation includes?

• The services of our experienced funeral directors for completion of the necessary paperwork.

• Conveyance of your relative or friend into our care in normal working hours

• Care and attention in looking after your relative or friend

• Provision of a light oak coffin suitable for cremation

• Direct transfer to a crematorium of our choice for a private cremation

• Strewing of the Ashes within the crematorium grounds.

   (Any other option will incur an additional cost, see below)

• Cremation Fee

• Doctors Fee

Where HM Coroner has issued the cremation certificate, doctor’s fees do not apply. therefore a reduction of £160.00 is applied to the simply cremation price making the cost £1040.00


The above service specifically excludes:

Conveyance of the person who has died out of working hours. if it is outside working hours there is an additional fee of £150.00.


Visiting of the deceased at our chapel of rest

Any funeral procession or service prior to cremation.

Return of the Cremated Remains upon request

If you would like the cremated remains returning to you these can be returned in two ways via our courier service for an additional fee.

Return of the cremated remains in a simple plastic container, complete with cremation certificate. Additional charge of £55

Or return of the cremated remains in any of our ashes casket or scattertubes from our online store. The cost would be £55 for the courier plus the cost of the ashes casket or scattertube.

If desired, once the cremation has taken place and the Cremated Remains have been returned to you, this gives you the opportunity to spend your time planning a Memorial or Celebration of Life service which can take place sometime in the future. This may be in your own home, out in the country, at the seaside, in fact it can be pretty much anywhere you please.


All charges, and disbursements / fees must be paid prior to the cremation taking place


Arranging a funeral for a baby or child, is a devastating time for any parent and must surely be the most painful experience that any of us will have to face. 

Children's Funeral Service


No charge for our services

There is no right or wrong way to have a funeral for your child.  The only way, is your way.  You may want to have a service in church with your family and friends around you, or alternatively you may prefer to have just a quiet service held at the crematorium or graveside with a minister or celebrant leading the service.

As Funeral Directors, we are here to guide you sympathetically and sensitively through this difficult time. We will discuss all the options available to you.  We will openly encourage you to do what you feel is right, and together we will come to a decision that is best for your special little one.

As parents ourselves, we feel that this is a time for grieving, not a time to be incurring large costs and therefore we do not make any charge for our professional services for children up to the age of 15. 

We will provide

All our professional services in making the funeral arrangements

Care for your precious baby/child in accordance with your wishes

All the time you need to spend with your baby/child at our chapel of rest

A hearse or limousine on the day of the funeral

A simple white coffin

A "hand to hold" every step of the way


Whilst we do not charge for our services, we can not assume other professionals will do the same, although most ministers will not usually charge for a baby funeral.


What will you have to pay for?

The following are examples of items you may have to pay for.

  • Newspaper Notices
  • Doctors fee for cremation certificates
  • Cremation fee
  • Purchase or re-opening of a grave
  • Grave marker
  • Order of Service
  • Balloons
  • Flowers

Help with cost

You may be able to get assistance towards the cost of the funeral if you are claiming any benefits from The Department of Work and Pensions.  

The death of a relative often prompts many people to consider the provisions they have made for the future. With this in mind, we can offer advice on funeral planning. With a funeral plan, you can relieve your family of the financial stress and any worries about your funeral arrangements.

Gateway Funeral Services are proud to recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, the UK’s leading independent funeral plan providers. More than 840,000 people in Great Britain have planned their funerals, over 250,000 of them with Golden Charter.


Golden Charter provides a range of funeral plans which offer comfort and security for you and your family. By choosing to plan ahead for your funeral, you’ll benefit from:

Peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of in advance.

The reassurance that your family won’t have to cope with any uncertainty or worries about your funeral.

Saving money by fixing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices. 

Complete financial security - your money is held securely.



We are able to offer our fully guaranteed pre-paid funeral plans at today's prices.


   Bronze  Pre-paid Funeral Plan is £2150.00

   Silver Pre-paid Funeral Plan is £2850.00

    Gold Pre-paid Funeral Plan is £3350.00

  Simply Cremation Pre-paid Plan is £1550.00

The increased prices are due to the administration fees charged by Golden Charter and our own Funeral Directors Fee.

Also if you would prefer to have a cremation at Park Wood, Elland or Leeds or Wakefield and Pontefract Crematoriums the price increase's by £100.00 as the crematorium fee at these crematoriums is far more than other local crematoriums.